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Social responsibility and sustainability are important to us

The Holmm. collection creates high-end garments with longevity, we consider the impact of our garments and their complete lifecycle. Social responsibility and sustainability are important to us, therefore we work to implement the 10 principles on which the UN's Global Compact is based. These 10 principles form the basis of HOLMM's Code of Conduct, which all our suppliers have accepted and signed. HOLMM. works strategically to create a close relation- ship with the individual suppliers in order to develop a unique partnership.

We additionally require that all our suppliers comply with the REACH rules issued by the European Union in order to improve and protect human health and the environment. Read more about REACH here

By using environmentally friendly materials and setting standards that our suppliers must adhere to, we strive to ensure a sustainable future. The dialogue with our suppliers is therefore highly prioritized to ensure honest communi- cation and understanding of the challenges we face both as a clothing brand and manufacturer. Our planet and our children deserve it.

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