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Issue 3

Autumn / Winter 2019 collection

Issue 3

This 3rd issue of the Journal celebrates our second Autumn - Winter collection

Our collections never have a specific subject of inspiration or a specific object that we have been inspired by. For HOLMM. inspiration it is the sustainable, classic, natural and individual needs that are the focal point of our collections. We at HOLMM. believe that it is more sustainable to create designs based on demand and with respect for nature, than to design based on a specific trend. Therefore, you will also see that the Autumn - Winter 19 collection yet again contains high quality classic styles that can be reused year after year, child after child. This said in that way is because that we believe that together we can achieve a more sustainable consumer behaviour. It is also important for us that children feel comfortable in the pieces they wear and are able to play and feel joy in every style they wear from HOLMM.

100% natural cashmere is an essential product part of HOLMM

Through the short life of HOLMM., we have found that our 100% natural cashmere is an essential product part of HOLMM. and therefore we have focused on these pieces on the new Autumn - Winter 19 collection. We added a few more styles and colours to complement e.g. Billy and Molly such as our beautiful Blanky scarf, which is designed for newborn and a blanket to follow through the early years and then mom can use it as a scarf for the colder days. This is also how we find our idea and design of a sustainable product. We added the colour Yak Melange to bring the Autumn and earthy feelings.

Most of our products are created in unisex colours and fit - again to support what we believe in to be sustainable and a purchase of a pullover for a son could be passed to a little sister (or brother), as HOLMM. pieces are in high quality and unisex classic designs.

Simplicity is the ultimate luxury and for us, the Scandinavian simple silhouettes with elaborate details are part of our DNA.

We are so excited to be showing you HOLMM.s third collection, the Autumn - Winter 19 collection, which is designed for you and your children with the idea of bringing a little bite of our beautiful nature's luxury. This Autumn - Winter 2019 campaign was shot at Charlottenlund Slot in Charlottenlund, Denmark. A beautiful location and close to our first HOLMM. campaign location.

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